More than half of all software projects run over time, over budget, and ship with defects.

Globally, software defects have been estimated to account for some $312B per year (2013) in economic losses. Spending on information security alone exceeds $81.6B per year (2016) – due in large part to software that is underspecified, insecure, and fraught with bugs.

Mainstream software development communities emphasize practices and programming languages that directly contribute to these failures, and which do not take advantage of the latest advances in programming language theory, formal software verification, and alternative programming paradigms.

We believe that there are better ways to write software and, with more of society becoming dependent on software for its function, now is the time to pursue them.

Fantasyland Institute of Learning’s ongoing mission is to explore new methods in software engineering, which have the potential to radically transform the industry, and to promote these methods throughout the world through quality education, training, and mentorship programs.