John A. De Goes


John A. De Goes has been writing software for more than three decades, and in that span of time, John has seen first-hand the challenges of large-scale software development. John's passion for finding better ways of writing software has taken him through agile and lean development, pair programming, functional programming, and formal software verification. John is the founder and co-organizer of LambdaConf, the first Fantasyland event, and the world's premier conference on functional programming. When not donating his time to FIOL, John enjoys contributing to open source software, learning new things, lifting heavy things, and spending time with his wife and family in Boulder, Colorado. @jdegoes

Matthew De Goes

Creative Director

Matthew De Goes has been working professionally as a graphics designer for nearly a decade, and his unique creative talents helped launch the LambdaConf brand. When not acting as creative director for Fantasyland Institute of Learning, Matthew tends to his day job and wife and family. He also enjoys hand-drawing illustrations of fantasy characters. @mtdegoes

Courtney De Goes

Event Organizer

Courtney De Goes the co-organizer of LambdaConf, Fantasyland's brand for functional programming, and her fierce organizational skills have helped make Fantasyland's events so well-regarded in the software engineering community. Courtney enjoys reading, working out, and spending time with her husband and child. @cmdegoes

Sophia De Goes

Financial & Operating Officer

Sophia De Goes serves as Fantasyland Institute of Learning's Financial & Operating Officer, ensuring that the non-profit stays up-to-date with all federal and state filings, managing the institution's finances, and planning budgets for all events and initiatives.

Morgan Phillips


Morgan manages FIOL's website and supports the institute's initiatives to keep ideological discrimination out of the tech industry. She is the primary point of contact for FATE.