While much more research remains to be done, some studies have identified strong benefits for functional programming on reducing many classes of common defects.

We believe that functional programming represents a significant improvement in the way we design, develop, test, and scale applications. Therefore, one of our primary initiatives is to spread awareness of techniques, tools, languages, and libraries in functional programming, and contribute to research projects that is designed at identifying and measuring benefits of the approach.

LambdaConf is a Fantasyland Institute of Learning brand that is dedicated to the promotion of functional programming in industry, and the primary vehicle for our educational and outreach efforts.

LambdaConf educational events and conferences have been held continuously since 2014, and have grown to become worldwide attractions for aspiring and practicing functional programmers from industry and academia. The annual LambdaConf conference, held in Boulder, Colorado, is one of the largest and most highly-regarded conferences on functional programming in the world.