Fantasyland Labs is the place where we invest resources for advancing the state of the art in software engineering. We currently have several open research projects with deliverables that will benefit the community. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on these projects and others.


Standardized Open Ladder of Functional Programming

We have surveyed dozens of practitioners of functional programming in order to develop a standardized ladder of functional programming, which presents concepts and skills in a hierarchy.

We hope this ladder will be used by educators and speakers to provide information on the experience pre-requisites that any functional programming material might have.

You can download it here.

Talk & Workshop Structure

With hundreds and hundreds of talks and workshops given over many years, Fantasyland Institute of Learning is acquiring a ton of data on the formats that are most engaging and effective.

We intend to summarize this learning as a set of recommendations for how educators and speakers should structure their material to maximize engagement and long-term retention.

LambdaConf 2017 will be the first edition of FIOL’s annual conference on functional programming to require standardized structure across all workshops and presentations.

Intern Lab

It is Fantasyland’s intention to organize and fund a number of internships for software developers looking to improve core infrastructure important to improving the way the world developers software. We will post more details on this plan in 2017.